The Ancients' Crossroads
DM and Player Resources

In this section, you will find a growing list of charts, tables, and documents that can be useful tools for running your campaigns and adventures. All resources listed on this page are for 2nd Edition AD&D rules. More tools and online documentation are added every month, so check here often for the latest updates!

NEW! - 3.5e Info & Resources

All resources in this section are in HTML format, unless otherwise noted.

2nd Edition Info & Resources

  • 2006 Player Character Sheet - HTML Format [ Front ] [ Back ]
    New and improved version! Features an improved layout with room for more equipment, cleaner visual style, printer-friendly, and works in all major browsers.
  • Player Character Sheet - HTML Format [ Front ] [ Back ]
    When printing, make sure to set your browser's margins between 0.25" and 0.5"
  • Player Character Sheet - [ Word 2000 (zipped) ]
    This is the front and back of the Character Sheet formatted in MS Word 2000. Previous versions of MS Word will NOT open this file properly.
  • Memorized Spells Sheet Collection - [ Excel 97 (zipped) ]
    This is a collection of spell sheets to easily keep track of memorized spells. The collection contains seperate spell sheets for priests, mages, paladins, rangers, and bards. Each sheet features a convenient guide along the left edge to show the minimum level required to fill each spell slot.
  • Blank Spellbook for Wizards and Bards - [ Excel 97 (zipped) ]
    Use this tool to keep track of the spells in your spellbook. A convenient guide along the left edge shows you the minimum Intelligence score required to use each slot.
  • Tarian Mystics - Character Class Info - [ RTF format (zipped) ]
    This document contains information on a custom character class called the Tarian Mystic.
  • Strength Attributes Table - [ HTML format ]
  • Dexterity Attributes Table - [ HTML format ]
  • Constitution Attributes Table - [ HTML format ]
  • Intelligence Attributes Table - [ HTML format ]
  • Wisdom Attributes Table - [ HTML format ]
  • Charisma Attributes Table - [ HTML format ]
  • Thac0 Combat Chart - [ HTML format ] [ Excel 97 ]
    Displays the minimum hitroll required to hit any AC with a given Thac0.
  • Player Handbook - [ RTF format (573k, zipped) ]
    The 2nd-Edition Player Handbook
  • Dungeon Master Guide - [ RTF format (476k, zipped) ]
    The 2nd-Edition Dungeon Master Guide